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by Ciera Couto

Official Writing Portfolio

I have been writing my whole life, whether I knew it or not. Here you can find my published works - from poetry to personal essays and everything in between.

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Greek Painting

Creative Work

Pieces of My Mind

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Cutout Shapes


September 2020

This is a short poem that was published in Wandering Autumn Magazine, a great Canadian magazine that showcases artists throughout the country. This was my first piece to be published.

Cutout Shapes


November 2020

This short poem was published in Wandering Autumn's 2nd Issue. It's a piece about body image and the way social media and pop culture influence our own self-love.

Robot Parts

November 2020

This personal essay meant so much to me, and it was published in Wandering Autumn's 2nd issue. The essay is a piece about my personal experience with body image and Type 1 Diabetes.

Abstract Pattern 31

Twilight is Good!

November 2020

This little piece was for The Varsity's Guilty Pleasures column. I defend Twilight with my whole heart in about 200 words.

Abstract Shape 9

floor thoughts

January 2021

This short poem was chosen to be a part of Sunstroke Magazine's Monthly Poetry Compilation.

Abstract Pattern 15
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Stating My Case: You Don't Have to Date in High School

February 2021

This personal essay was published in Wandering Autumn's 3rd Issue. I wrote about my own experiences with dating in high school (or lack thereof).

Black Bathing Suit


April 2021

This short poem was published in UTM Scribes' annual journal Slates. I wrote this piece on campus at UTM, so for it to be published within the school was a really great moment.

Women at the Beach

Stuck in a Sanctuary

May 2021

This poem is one that I am beyond proud of. It was chosen to be published in UTM's English and Drama Student Society's annual journal With Caffeine and Careful Thought. I wrote this piece in the middle of the pandemic as a way to try and understand how I was feeling. The final product is beautiful.

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Work at The Medium

All of my published articles with The Medium as their Associate Editor of Arts & Entertainment.

The Dilemma of Reality TV

January 2022

The Celebrity Behind the Book


All the Snubs and Buzz of the Academy Award Nominations

February 2022

The Love of bell hooks

March 2022

Holding onto Youth through Television Classics

March 2022

A Mosaic of Womanhood in Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties

March 2022

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Nature Artwork

"You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend, or not."

Isabel Allende

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